Study on the Social Welfare Facilities and Services for Cascais

The community facilities, besides working as support platforms for public policies, play a decisive role in the organization of the territory. Therefore, they are tools for promoting social cohesion and development, being at the same time tools for urban development and structuring central systems, contributing to a good land use management.

Considering this context, the Social Services and Facilities Network of the Municipality of Cascais had as guiding principles for the social network territoriality: equity, proximity, polycentrism/centrality and reasonableness/efficiency.

With the ambition to make Cascais a socially and territorially cohesive municipality, offering a network of facilities and social services of excellence that meets the needs of citizens with high levels of effectiveness and efficiency, the Facilities Network proposes three objectives for the municipality by 2016, namely: (i) expand the supply of network equipment, increasing the levels of response in the areas that register current weaknesses or that are likely to occur in the future, (ii) improve territoriality, providing Cascais with a network of facilities and social services properly structured, where the valences are organized according to the defined criteria/levels ensuring a proper territorial coverage, (iii) qualify the supply, improve the human, operating and equipment conditions, responses and valences.

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