CEDRU – Centre for Studies and Urban and Regional Development, Ltd. is a technical consulting company in land use management, economics, society, and culture.

Strategic planning, land use management, urban planning, capacity building and institutional development, European studies, and public policy evaluation are our main approach areas. Simultaneously applied research, training, or scientific, technical, and cultural meetings development are CEDRU regular activities.

With diverse skills and professional and academic preparation, the core team is supported by an extensive network of national and international consultants.



Counting on almost 35 years of experience, CEDRU has been pursuing a constant update among its various actuation areas, technical, scientific, cultural skills, and infrastructure (facilities and equipment).

From this accumulated and treated knowledge, from the experiences and experiments, we continue to pay attention to The History of the Future, one of our leading positions in the territory’s approaches. That History is continually being written and updated.



The values of CEDRU result, on the one hand, from a continuous learning path and, on the other hand, from a daily deepening and understanding of the sustainable development concept. What we produce for our clients is also our feed.

Therefore, not excluding the inherent but necessary risk, responsibility, and a sense of contemporaneity are the keys to our work’s success.

We learn from the wise men the importance of acquiring and maintaining the steady basis of knowledge through the impulse of creativity and tender and persistent affection for working.



What gives us strength and rewards us is the belief that our actions are determined and headed to the territory enhancement and human settlement, including the company and its collaborators’ social and cultural mission.

Our mission has been and will continuously be measured and shaped to respond to our client’s requests, considering the best framework of the market’s perspectives.