What we do

Our work philosophy is, in a few words, the search for responses to the questions our clients ask us, giving privilege to the areas we are better skilled and expert.

However, we are open to new challenges, not only regarding the methodologies and technologies but also the intervention areas.

    Development and Land Use Management

    Development and Land Use Management at different scales, from the European Space to intramunicipal Detailed Plans, builds up one of the main areas of expertise, with regular coordination by multidisciplinary teams.

    • Special plans for land use management
    • Regional plans for land use management
    • Master plans
    • Land use management plans for public water dams
    • Land use management plans for coastal areas
    • Plans for hydrographical basins
    • Educational networks
    • Social facilities network
    • Sectoral studies
    • Socio-economic analysis and studies
    • Regional development studies
    • Development plans of regional and municipal tourism

    Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning from a perspective that combines public policies and private investment belongs to CEDRU´s matrix, since its first project: Preparatory Study on an Integrated Development Operation for the Peninsula of Setúbal , 1986-1987.

    • Cities, municipal and regional strategic plans
    • Equipments strategic programmes
    • Cultural development plans
    • Sectoral development plans
    • Location studies

    Climate Change Adaptation

    Climate Change Adaptation aims to reduce the vulnerability of human and natural systems to the real or expected effects of climate change. In Portugal, CEDRU is one of the leading institutions working in the definition of climate change adaptation policies, strategies and plans, at different intervention scales – national, regional, metropolitan, intermunicipal and municipal –, through the coordination of multidisciplinary teams, the production of sectoral studies and the development of innovative planning methodologies.

    • National projects and initiatives
    • Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plans
    • Metropolitan Climate Change Adaptation Plans
    • Intermunicipal Climate Change Adaptation Plans
    • Municipal Climate Change Adaptation Plans


    Urbanism, in its multiple aspects, is another major area in which CEDRU has affirmed the excellence of its works, in general, in partnerships with experts in Architecture and Landscaping. Urbanization plans, rehabilitation interventions and urban regeneration, protection and enhancement projects and studies for architectonic and urbanistic heritage are examples of a set of interventions, where our suggestions have been extremely successful.

    • Urban regeneration programmes
    • Urban development programmes
    • Urban enhancement programmes
    • Urban studies
    • Urbanization plans
    • Detailed plans

    Enablement and Institutional Development

    Enablement and Institutional Development are part of CEDRU´s matrix since the very beginning: from the elaboration of strategies to the intervention on-site, the continuous dialogue with the population, technicians, and political representatives, CEDRU has been giving relevant contribution for the enhancement of the territory and its people. In these areas, CEDRU's intervention can be seen as shared learning resulting in individual and collective empowerment.

    • Support services to the preparation of tenders
    • Institutions action plans
    • Organizations implementation studies
    • Institutional publications
    • Elaboration of monographs
    • Communication documents production
    • Workshops and seminars organization
    • Specialized technical assessorship
    • Feasibility studies
    • Training sessions

    Evaluation and Monitoring

    The Evaluation and Monitoring of public policies with a territorial, economic, social, environmental and cultural focus had significantly been developed at CEDRU since its intense participation in the preparation of the First Community Support Framework (1st CSF), when our services were often requested either by the Portuguese Government as by the responsible entities from the European Commission. Now, it is already a domain in which national and international recognition is reflected by the requests for partnership, within the country and abroad.

    • Policies evaluation
    • Programmes evaluation
    • Impacts evaluation
    • Strategic Environmental Assessment
    • Programmes and plans monitoring

    European Studies

    A significant number of elaborated studies by CEDRU responds to transversal questions by the European space and was promoted either by European entities, Commission and Parliament, as by national or regional entities. In consortiums from various natures, evolving not only other consultancy companies but also universities and development and research institutions, CEDRU has found out in those works not only a vehicle to deepen its international network but also a mean of learning and advanced training for its board members.

    • European policies evaluation
    • European programmes evaluation
    • European programmes and plans monitoring
    • European sectoral studies