Tourism Development Plan for Alentejo

The Alentejo region has been experiencing a rapid and intense process of tourism growth. This economic and territorial phenomenon requires the elaboration of tools that promote and guide its development, enhance the many resources, strengthen and qualify the supply, streamline new structuring investments that strengthen the value chains of the strategic range of products in the region, including tourism of sun, sea and beach, urban and cultural touring, nature and landscape, rural and active.

Considering this context, the study, with a strategic and prospective character, has positioned the Alentejo tourist destination in the European and world markets, developing a detailed study on the regional tourism system, including the assessment of tourist attractiveness of the Alentejo and the weaknesses and strengths of the tourism products that a product chain approach considered as the most relevant. The strategic vision specifies the major objectives, targets and guidelines of the Plan, which anchor a large number of actions and projects that are relevant and critical to develop and strengthen the fabric of Alentejo tourism, boost the regional economic base, and state the Alentejo as a tourist destination more consistent and competitive and with higher international visibility and attractiveness.

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Plan of Touristic Development