The Tertiary Sector in Portugal, with a View to the Modernization and Regional Development of the Country

The modern development of services is both a cause and a result of decisive changes in other economic sectors, particularly manufacturing and agriculture. The significant productivity gains from the productive sectors correspond, since ever, not only to the increase of services, but also to changes in its internal structure. On the other hand, the service sector cannot be viewed in isolation and compartmentalized and must be analyzed as a dynamic element that connects with the major development objectives of the country.

The study, conducted at a time when Portugal began to benefit from EU support, resulting from the recent entry to the EEC, analyzed the changes in the economic structure of the country, both for the sectoral, regional and urban perspectives, and approached the short, medium and long term developments, at the same time it pointed out policy measures and interventions for certain segments of the tertiary sector, aiming at economic modernization and regional development.

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