Study on the Strategic Framework of the National Sanctuary of Christ the King

The monument-sanctuary of Christ the King annually mobilizes a significant number of visitors, motivated by faith and the uniqueness of landscape perspectives that the site provides. Currently, this site is little more than a sightseeing platform, with no built and landscape elements for enhancement, and does not reveal a functional interaction with the city of Almada, particularly with some areas of great interest about its heritage, memory and experience, located in the surroundings, whose rehabilitation and recovery is needed.

Considering this context, the Municipality of Almada promoted through public tender, the preparation of a study for an urban and landscape intervention, informed by vectors of qualification, support, integration, functionality, leverage and image.

Starting from this point, the Team developed a strategic planning process, greatly participated, where it sought to identify the vocations of each sub-space of the intervention area and define principles and paths for their land use management that: (i) support a qualifying and feasible transformation, (ii) guarantee a better link of the site with the city bearing in mind its symbolic nature, religious, property and existing memory, (iii) make a more attractive place, not only for religious purposes, but also for leisure and tourism.

Project data

Intervention Area

Municipality of Almada


Municipality of Almada




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