Integrated Development Plan for Lezíria do Tejo

Lezíria do Tejo is an area of many vocations given the resources and potentialities it has and the range of opportunities it encounters. The sub-region is crossed by the Tejo river, one of the main structuring axis of the national territory and one of its greatest potentials for development, both by the extent and fertility of soils in its floodplains, or by landscape values and heritage it contains. To this context, it is added a rich and varied mosaic, with complementarities, in transport and logistics, manufacturing, trade and services and innovation, as well as a network of small and medium urban centres, dynamic and attractive. In addition, there is its condition of crossing territory, intermediation and interaction, which gives it competitive advantages of greater importance.

The study aimed at affirming the territorial competitiveness of Lezíria within a framework of sustainability and innovation, promoting citizenship and welfare, the strengthening of the economic base, the recovery and territorial cohesion, the attraction of investment and a modern and engaged governance of the territory. In this context, the Plan was claimed as a strategic idea of integrated development and as an instrument of mobilization of actors and institutional negotiation and consultation.

Project data

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NUTS III Lezíria do Tejo


Association of Municipalities of Lezíria do Tejo




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